Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We "Heart" Pierre Herme

Fall in love with these limited edition Valentine's day confections from Pierre Herme.

Flocon Ispahan (a large rose macaron, filled with rose petals and raspberry and lychee compote with fresh raspberries)

Coeur Chuao (a flourless chocolate cake that combines chocolate ganache with pure origin Chuao cassis, blackcurrants -- two bitter flavors in which the acidity of the fruit perfectly highlights the purity and strength of the Chuao chocolate)

Coeur Désiré (A crisp fruity tart of shortbread pastry, lemon cream, stewed strawberries and banana, sweet lemon cookie, and topped by fresh strawberries)

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Wonder if Catherine Deneuve will be buying any of these treats for someone this weekend? I spotted her there the last time I was at Pierre Herme. (At least, I thought it was her.)