Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kate Blumm has shaken up the Brooklyn foodie scene in recent months with her lively and spot-on Fort Greene
food reviews for the New York Times, so we were thrilled when Kate emailed us from Mexico City with pictures and this tidbit: "...among my many discoveries was the delightful little shop Princesse Cacao in La Condesa, one of the D.F.'s most upbeat and hip neighborhoods. This tiny place transforms supreme-quality cacao from the nearby provinces of Tabasco and Chiapas into delicious milk and dark chocolate, and from that into exquisite bonbons--many of which reflect Mexican flavors (tamarind, cardamom, maracuya-- a tropical fruit, etc.). Their chocolate-by-weight includes a thrilling shape that translates to "little cat's tongues." In my opinion, they are doing a simply top-notch job blending the tradition of European chocolate-making with traditional Mexican flavors. I haven't seen a website for them, but here's the NYT's assessment."

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Michael said...

Viva el Districto Federal!