Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are They Too Pretty to Unwrap?

Brooklyn's own bean-to-bar chocolate wunderkinds, the Mast Brothers, wrap their artisan chocolate bars in paper from Florentine paper maker Rossi, as well as paper designed by local artists. The wrapping is as distinctive as their flavors (dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt and the popular salt-and-pepper bar come to mind), and transform the chocolate bar into an amazing gift.

{Chocolate from Mast Brothers Chocolate Image from here.}



david said...

I had their salt and pepper chocolate bar once. Amazing!

elizabeth said...

Also found the salt & pepper outstounding!!!

Glenda said...

And the black truffle bar: outrageous. And their whole weirdy beardy 19th c. slo-fi aesthetic: winning.

Damon said...

They are so yummy!!! Do they have a location in Manhattan?