Sunday, January 24, 2010

Strawberries & Dark Chocolate

Inspired by an idea from a customer, Parisian chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux set out to create a bar that would marry fresh-fruit and chocolate, without the moisture in the fruit destroying the chocolate. Rochoux places seasonal fruits (Gariguette strawberries in the spring) atop one of his chocolate bars and drenches the fruit in chocolate. The results are astounding, ephemeral (they’ll keep for two days at the most) and hard to get – they’re made and sold out every Saturday.

{The "Saturday Bar" from Jean-Charles Rochoux}



Angela said...

OMG! Who came up with it? This is like two heavenly things in one - chocolate and strawberries. How long can you keep strawberries out of refrigerator? Does anyone know if they are sold in NYC?

katsoul11 said...

hmm, so much it suggests. love this.