Monday, March 1, 2010

Homemade Hot Chocolate to Go

David and Jeanie Stiles spend their time making children's fantasies come true by building some of the most sought-after treehouses in America and writing a line of best-selling "how-to" books on playhouses, treehouses, and other rustic retreats. They are pioneers in what I would call the "simple-yet-decadent" lifestyle, living in a fairy-tale 19th century barn in East Hampton where the fire is always roaring in winter and homespun treats like hot chocolate, s'mores and plum cake are always beckoning.

So when Jeanie invited me to try what she considers to be "the best hot chocolate in New York," I leapt at the chance. We met on the Upper East Side at a neighborhood place called Corner Cafe and Bakery, where the homemade hot chocolate was ladled into simple paper cups. I took one sip and knew that this was anything but simple. It's a hot chocolate that just strikes the perfect balance on all fronts--not too rich, too creamy, or overwhelmingly chocolatey. And for those of you who prefer an "American-style" hot chocolate to the "European-style" cup, this is the hot chocolate for you. It's a simple, yet decadent treat.


david said...

It's all true. This hot chocolate rocks! It's a little sweeter than the current hot chocolate dogma would normally allow, and I love it.

Michael said...

I'm a Breukelen Boy, so I'll have to wait till my next Island Expedition to check this place out - but it looks so good I'm heading down the street today for the Jacques Torres version. Yums.