Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Edible Art... Italian Style

High design meets traditional Italian chocolate in the striking Lagrange34 collection. A collaboration between interior and product design firm Jjuice and chocolatier Pasticceria Gertosio of Turin, the resulting bars brilliantly exploit the potential of chocolate as a medium for art.

Bar no.3, Extra Dark Chocolate bar.
Bar no. 1, Milk Chocolate bar.

Bar no. 4, Turin's Map in Milk Chocolate

Bar no. 2, Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon.

{Images: Paolo Bramati; More information about Lagrange 34}

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Glenda said...

How fabulous-- so contemporary. Chocolate is too often thought of as stuffy or old-fashioned; this goes quite a ways towards recasting that. Delightful!